Are you passionate about environmental issues? Do you feel like many people would like to act ethically but struggle to implement it? Would you like to help them while possibly getting profits? With Lunchie Market you can!

Now after more than a year of application development and testing, we are now ready to expand our sustainable business globally. And you and your company could just be the thing we are looking for.

Become a reseller for a future leader in surplus food solutions and affordable meals, deals and products that help us to save money, resources and environment. A business with guaranteed sustainable development success.

Our mission is to save the world, one Lunchie at a time!

Lunchie Market App Screen

We are looking for enthusiastic resellers in all countries. Working with us means you have a unique opportunity to join an agile and international team of young professionals. You will be responsible for the sales and management of our service in your area, and will lead your own sales and marketing activities, keeping you in control of your own success.

We are here to help, support and guide you wherever you need, in order to grow the business in a way that everybody wins.

Are you the next great addition to our team? Don’t hesitate to hear more about this opportunity.

Send us a request now!

We offer to our resellers:

  • Existing platform and sales point for merchants and restaurants to sell surplus foods and products.
  • Constant flow of product development which are implemented to your sales point and marketplace without any costs.
  • Full support from our technology team and from our dedicated Regional Sales and Marketing Directors.
  • Open, agile and motivational culture where we listen to our resellers to make Lunchie Market even better and easier to use, sell and manage locally.
  • The tools you need to get success and a state-of-the-art applications to drive your business. We take care of:
    • Application development maintenance and repairs.
    • Digital tools for your business and business development.
    • Training to make you an even better manager and change to grow your business substantially in your own area or region.
    • And we give support for sales and marketing efforts

Your contribution:

  • You are passionate about environmental issues and you would like to contribute while having the potential of good profitability.
  • You or your team has a sales and business-oriented mind set to identify large and small business opportunities in your area
  • The capability to sell a Lunchie Market service and the resources to use our web-based tools
  • The ability to create and update a business plan, and run your business accordingly
  • Readiness to adapt an open and agile company culture.
  • A sense of humor is a bonus.



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